7 Sneaky Celebrity Skincare Tips

Sure, stars can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest moisturizer, but they also have some easy-to-follow rules when it comes to skincare.

There's a great scene in Entourage where an agent asks the gorgeous Vinnie Chase if he had time to read some Victorian-era script last night. "Reading?" he scoffs. "It takes so much time away from skin care."

While it’s a funny line, it also has a ring of truth to it. Stars know everything about skin care because it's their job to have flawless mugs on the big screen. And now it's our job to steal as many tips as possible, so we have their dewy, youthful glow, line-free kissers and can attract men who look like Johnny Depp. Well, the latter might only happen in your dreams, but that doesn't mean you should slack off on your skin. By the way, the first celeb skincare tip is to drink water. We've heard it so many times, and it's so darn boring, but it's true. So please grab a glass while you read yourself beautiful.

1. Stars really do cheap out. So much for buying all those pricey brands. Jennifer Aniston swears, "Most nights I just use Neutrogena soap. It's perfect for my skin." Celebs know that it's not about labels, but what works when it comes to cleansers. Queen Latifah insists, "I've been washing my face with baking soda for years. It's not harsh on the skin and gives me a glow."

2. They do it themselves. Molly Sims tells us that to exfoliate, she makes her own concoction. "I mix honey and moisturizer and put it all over my face. It's a great exfoliant. I leave it on a few minutes and then wash it off." Many top Hollywood dermatologists and facialists insist that natural and simple is the way to go. They love dry oatmeal as a natural scrub and a simple egg white mask (leave it on 10 minutes and then wash) as a pore-tightener. If you want brighter skin then just mash a fresh peach, leave it on your face for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

3. They really do use sunscreen like it's a life-or-death situation. We know skin care experts have been harping on it for years, but sunscreen is one of your most important defenses against looking like crumpled wrapping paper. Rain or shine, you should slather it on as the last piece of your skin care regime. Just remember to wash it off when you call it a day so your pores don't get clogged.

4. Celebs know that no matter how exhausted they are, the bathroom sink is their best friend. Repeat after us: You can never, ever, ever go to sleep without first washing your face. "There are nights when I'm tired or busy with my daughter, but I do force myself to wash up and moisturize," says Jessica Alba. In other words, don't get into the habit of sleeping with your makeup. This includes mascara because your lashes will break off if you sleep with a layer of black goop on them.

5. They clean their cell phones. Here's a gross-you-out fact: Your cell phone is a bacteria farm because you spend all day pressing your face to the pad. The dirt and oil in your face embeds itself on the keypad and then you smash that against your face. Once a week, take a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad (not dripping or you'll break your phone) and disinfect.

6. They remember there is skin on the rest of their bodies. Molly Sims says, "Buy a body brush and dry brush your entire body. Do this before you get in the bath or shower. It's a way to detox and helps with circulation." You don't need to buy an expensive body brush and can find great ones at Walmart or Target. Think of this as a way to exfoliate your entire body and even break up cellulite before it becomes one with you.

7. Celebs don't grow science experiments in their bathroom. Top Hollywood skin pros advise you to stock up on as many washcloths as you can. The rule is you pat your face off ONCE with the washcloth and then toss it in the laundry, wash and dry. When you pat and then leave it on the counter or towel rack, the thing grows a virtual seventh-grade science experiment of bacteria… then you re-wet it... and ewwww, you're putting bacteria into your pores. Not that this author advocates “borrowing” wash cloths from posh hotels, but it's nice of the Four Season to have stocked her bathroom with their... good wishes. (The perks of doing press junkets!)

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